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November 14th 2023

What is the traditional expectation of who wears a boutonnière? (Buttonhole)

When it comes to weddings, there are many traditions and customs that have been passed down through generations. One of these traditions involves the wearing buttonholes, also known as boutonnières. While buttonholes are often associated with the groom and groomsmen, there are actually a few different individuals who may receive buttonholes at a wedding.

First and foremost, the groom is the primary recipient of a buttonhole. The buttonhole is typically worn on the left lapel of the groom's suit or tuxedo. It serves as a visual symbol of his role as the groom and is often coordinated with the overall theme or colour scheme of the wedding. The groom's buttonhole is usually slightly different from those worn by the groomsmen, symbolising his unique position on this special day.

Next, the groomsmen and best man/men also traditionally wear buttonholes. These buttonholes are usually similar in design to the groom's but may differ slightly to distinguish their roles. The buttonholes worn by the groomsmen are a way to honour and distinguish them as important members of the wedding party. They are often coordinated with the bridesmaids' bouquets or the overall colour scheme of the wedding.

Additionally, the fathers of the bride and groom often receive buttonholes. This is a way to honour and recognize their roles as fathers and to include them in the visual representation of the wedding party. The buttonholes worn by the fathers may be slightly different from those worn by the groomsmen, but they are usually coordinated to complement the overall design.

In some cases, other close family members, such as mums, grandfathers or brothers, may also receive buttonholes. This is often a personal choice made by the couple or their families and can vary depending on cultural or familial traditions.

Overall, the tradition of wearing buttonholes at a wedding extends beyond just the groom and groomsmen. It includes the fathers, other family members, and all important individuals (including Mums, Sisters, Brothers Page boys) who play a significant role in the couple's lives. It is a way to visually recognise and honour these individuals on this special day.

Of course you can choose to dispense with this tradition. The most important thing about your wedding is that you do it your way. You can include as many or as few as you like, who will wear a buttonhole at your wedding. Your day Your way.

Photography by 'Joel Skingle'  - https://joelskinglephotography.co.uk

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