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November 14th 2023

How to hold your wedding bouquet

Holding your wedding bouquet may seem like a simple task, but proper technique and presentation can make a significant difference in enhancing your overall bridal look and photographs. Here are some tips on how to hold your wedding bouquet with grace and elegance.

Firstly, it is essential to hold your bouquet at waist level. This position ensures that the bouquet remains visible and does not obstruct your beautiful wedding gown. Holding it too high or too low can create imbalance and distract from your gorgeous dress. Think 'hold near your bits not your pits'.

Next, remember to use a light touch when gripping the bouquet. Avoid clenching it tightly as this can create tension in your hands and arms, causing strain and unwanted stiffness. Instead, gently grasp the stems with your fingers, allowing them to naturally rest in your hands. This will create a relaxed and graceful appearance.

Consider the shape and size of your bouquet when determining how to hold it. If you have chosen a cascading bouquet, hold it towards the bottom, allowing the flowers to drape effortlessly. For a round or posy bouquet, cradle it in your hands, allowing the blooms to be the focal point. The key is to showcase the bouquet's design while also maintaining a comfortable and natural hold.

Posture is another crucial element when holding your wedding bouquet. Stand tall with your shoulders relaxed and your back straight. This not only radiates confidence but also ensures that the bouquet remains at the desired height.

Additionally, consider the positioning of your hands. You can choose to hold the bouquet with both hands, one hand, or even rest it on your forearm. Experiment with different hand positions during your wedding rehearsal to find the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing option for you.

It's always worth a practice before the day!! Improvise with a bunch of something from the garden or anything else to hand that allows you to have a little time planning the walk down the aisle, posing for all those photos everyone is going to want.

In conclusion, holding your wedding bouquet is more than just a simple task; it is an opportunity to enhance your bridal look and showcase your personal style. Following these tips you can gracefully hold your bouquet, creating a beautiful visual for both you and your guests.

Photography by 'Adam Elijah'  - https://adamelijahphotography.co.uk

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