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November 12th 2023

What does it take to change career and follow the route of floristry? How can you become a Florist?

There are a few ways to becoming a florist. And its something you can start part time alongside your day job if you wish. Or just jump straight in and get going...

Being a florist takes a lot of hard work and early starts so be prepared for that. Getting up early for wedding floristry is non negotiable really creating those bespoke pieces have to be done as close to the day as possible and often on the day of the event.

How can you up-skill to become a florist?

You can start learning yourself - study the basics.

  • Learn when flowers are seasonal and which are British.
  • Study the names of flowers
  • Look at their form
  • Find out how to condition flowers and preserve them so they are at their best when you want to work with them. Planning ahead about this is essential!!
  • Attend workshops and get a feel for your style. Soak up everything you learn.

All this can be done by asking questions, reading books.


  • You need to have some creative flair and on this point I can share my experience. I had no idea I was creative... I'd been a PE teacher for ever with no real outlet for creativity... but a passion for flowers and coming across British Flowers and a group of growers in 2018 completely inspired me... something clicked and my flowery direction changed.
  • Teaching has helped with the operational, organisational and timekeeping skills of my flowery journey all of which are essential.
  • There are formal qualifications Level 1-3 Certificates in Floristry or Floral Design. However I did not go down this route, instead I attended a variety of florist workshops over a period of 2-3 years focussing on what I wanted to learn and what direction I wanted to go in.
  • I was recommended to attend a Flower School by Anna at Swallows and Damsons (having done a little work experience in her shop - 2015) and was inspired by that piece of advice and promptly set about researching the basics and slowly over the next 3 years got to where I wanted to go. A change of name, understanding of branding, and a clear picture of who I wanted my customers to be.
  • I attended Tallulah Rose Flower School back in 2015 learned the basics... studied Sympathy flowers... attended Wedding retreats... large installation workshops, sustainable floristry workshops, 1-2-1 business days to name a few. In my mind continued learning keeps me fresh, inspired and motivated.
  • Qualifications don't need to be everything ...experience is key. Clients will be willing to pay more when they can physically see what you are capable of. And a word here - appreciate the efforts and experience of others sharing their knowledge. We all need others' help and recognising and being appreciative makes for a lovely working environment. As they say 'cream rises to the top'

Start now

It sounds simple but you can get started straight away.

  • Experiment with different flowers, visit markets and flower farmers to buy flowers... create bouquets and arrangements. Start to experiment with your style and what you like.
  • Create an Instagram page, share your work, plot your progress.

Good luck

Check out the following Insta Page for more hints and tips @meadowsnmulberry

Thanks to Jo @my.free.range.family for the photos

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