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August 4th 2020

A day in the life of a wedding florist

Being a florist, like any other job, can have exhaustingly long hours. However, I wouldn't change it for the world. It allows me the opportunity to see my couple dreams and visions become a reality and transform them into something even more exquisite in real life.

To create floral designs and being a part of a couple's biggest day, it soon becomes clear that all of passion and effort I put into designing briefs is so worth it.

Many people believe that being a wedding florist is such a "fun and relaxing job..." and whilst it does have many elements which are fun, for example creating the colour palette, choosing the flowers, it can also be quite demanding and busy at times. Everything has to come together perfectly, flowers arriving, opening for the day and being at their best. I love creating the bridal bouquet and get lost in it... but immediately it's made I am fretting and checking the brief and the mood board and not completely settled until I see the Bride's face as I hand over her flowers. This is when the long hours are rewarded; seeing all my work pay off and knowing I got it right! Nothing beats a happy couple!!

I often get asked which season my favourite is to create wedding flowers for, and I find this question really difficult to answer. Nevertheless, if I had to choose one, it would be Autumn. However, when I get to Autumn, I then find myself hankering after Spring. When I get to Spring, I'm excited about Summer and all the colours I get to play with.

In truth, I am a florist who is just completely captivated by the seasons, as they are all spectacular in their own rights.

Creating flowers for a couple's wedding day can take a little while. It starts with an initial consultation to chat all things weddings! Their style, how they want the day to go, what is important to them. I get to know about them and their day. It is important to remember the wedding day is about them as a couple and I think the flowers should shout this too. After this consultation, I write up a brief and once they are happy with it, the scene is set for their big day!

The question "how long does it take to create wedding arrangements?" is always an interesting one.... which rarely has a straightforward answer. This is because there are so many different types of weddings, various themes, elements, sometimes separate ceremonies to wedding reception venues.

I recently went to North Mymms Park to dress a wedding and there were two locations; I was at the Chapel at 9am, and headed over to the wedding reception venue, and I didn't actually leave the venue until 8pm. There were lots of arrangements that had to be finished off in situ having started the displays the day before... it had a magical, wintery, woodland theme and it was gorgeous to be in the venue transforming the room and bringing to life the couple's ideas.

For all weddings I begin the preparation probably 4 days before (if we don't count ordering the flowers and planning the 'recipes'). The week of the wedding I receive the flowers, condition them, get them into water and drinking... make sure they don't get too warm, which can be tricky during some warm months!! A couple of days before I am getting all the essentials in place, like containers, ribbons, pins, tape, transport vases so that on the day I'm not faffing and getting stressed. To create the bridal party flowers, depending on how many bridesmaids there are, it can take between 3 and 4 hours, I put these together the day before the wedding. Everything is in place the night before and ready to transport to the venue on the wedding morning!

I try to make all of the arrangements early so the day of the wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. If there are installations to be done at the venue, it is important to ensure everything else is finished, to allow time to focus on the installations. So, armed with my sweeping brush I get to the venue as early as possible and get wrapped up in creating. Tidying as I go... I'm a pretty messy worker!!

On the day of the wedding, I would usually wake up between 5am and 5:30am, quick up and out; the van will already be packed and is ready to go. If I need to get up earlier, I do! It's an exciting day and I am probably running on adrenaline.... there's time for resting later!!!

I have been involved in all sorts of weddings, I have loved them all.... and I'm not just saying that.... but I confess I do love a wedding in a tipi. I think it's because it's about bringing the outside in... I have done two tipi weddings and they have both been brilliant, and completely different! It is so interesting to work in a different wedding venue; I have many favourites.

If I were to style someone's wedding myself, I would have meadows down the aisle radiating a gorgeous fragrance leading to a moon gate full of flowers where you make your vows. It would be a perfect walk tantalising the senses. The Bride would be carrying a scented bouquet which would sweep you off your feet.

The meadows would be moved from the aisle, to go along the front of the top table, with candles and foliage along the top.

The guest tables would have a mix of designs some would have standard olive trees (which are tall enough you can see the other guests) surround by mossed wreaths with flowers growing from them enveloping the base of the Olive Tree. So, it would look like the Olive Tree was planted giving it that rustic feel. Other tables would have low arrangements full of flowers that complement the Bridal flowers. And finally, I would have moss covered stands with a scented arrangement on top of other tables.

All of the tables would have candlesticks adding to their decor and creating a romantic look and feel.

I love my job and love bringing a wedding brief to life.

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